Fox Mulder and Diana Scully are BACK for ALL NEW CASES on the X-Files! What supernatural and alien horrors will they uncover? What mysteries will be unraveled? FIND OUT WITH AN AUDIENCE OF FANS!
X-Files 6-Episode Event Series
Friday Night Fights @GKSO!
Geeksboro's annual FEBRUARY FIGHTS fighting game tournament series will become the lauching pad for an ongoing series of FRIDAY NIGHT tournaments called FEBRUARY FIGHTS at GEEKSBORO! We'll be kicking off the tournament series with the very best fighting games of our time, giving regional players a chance to hone their game and, yes, win awesome cash prizes! This tournament series will include ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IV (Feb 5), a KICK-OFF tournament for STREET FIGHTER V (Feb 19), an encore of Street Fighter V (Feb 26), and Mortal Kombat X & Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom (Mar. 4) Entry is $5 venue fee/$5 entry fee, and people who bring set ups will get a free drink! INFO & RULESETS TBA. The following is a list of times, dates, titles, and synopses: 7 p.m. Friday, February 5 -- Ultra Street Fighter IV -- This will be one of our VERY LAST CHANCES to host a Street Fighter IV tournament while it is still the newest game in the series! With so many years of experience under their belts, which player shall emerge victorious as we give this bare-knuckle free for all classic the proper send-off it deserves! 7 p.m. Friday, February 19 -- Street Fighter V -- THIS IS THE WEEK that the newest installment of the Street Fighter franchise hits the shelves! What combos can people unlock? What skill-sets can they aquire? Find out as we host a special RELEASE WEEK tournament! Everyone at this tourament will be a newbie, so it's literally anyone's game! 7 p.m. Friday, February 26 -- Street Fighter V (ENCORE) -- It's the fighting game release that's SO BIG, we're hosting an ENCORE tournament the week after it comes out! With time to hone their skills, this will be a more measured, balanced tournament with seasoned players showing off what they can do with more experience under their belts! 7 p.m. Friday, March 4 -- Mortal Kombat X & Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom -- This tournament will feature a double header that will combine the newest, playable updates for Mortal Kombat X alongside the beloved PS3 classic Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom!
Fridays at 7pm, Feb. 5 through Feb. 19
The Room (Valentine's Day Screening) at GKSO!
In the words of master writer/director Tommy Wiseau, "Love is Blind!" So what better way to celebrate the holiday of love than to host a special Valentine's Day screening of "The Room"! Geeksboro will host a special Valentine's Day screening of "The Room" at 11 p.m. Saturday, December 13. $5 ticket includes FREE SPOONS to throw at the screen! Best of all, proceeds from the screening will go towards Family Services of the Piedmont's Clara House, a shelter which helps victims of Domestic Abuse.
11pm Saturday, Feb. 13
TV CLUB: The Walking Dead Season 6 Part II @GKSO!
Starting on Valentine's Day -- The Walking Dead RETURNS for the second half of its sixth season! With Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michone, and the rest of the survivors fighting to establish a new life at the community in Alexandria, two new threats loom in the horizon: the largest horde of zombies they have ever faced and a mysterious new threat known as Negan! The newest season of The Walking Dead is ramping up with what promises to be eight episodes packed with horror, action, and (most likely) heart-breaking tragedy! How will it go down on the TV series where NO CHARACTER is safe?!? Find out with a community of fans! TV CLUB will present Part 2 of Season Six of The Walking Dead. Free admission with drink purchase!
Sundays at 9pm, Feb. 14 till Feb. 28
PREMIERE: 'Gravity Falls' Finale @GKSO
A beloved cult fave supported by a loyal, unfaltering base of fans, "Gravity Falls" will unfortunately be coming to an end this winter. But never fear -- Geeksboro will be fans of this brilliant, endlessly clever supernatural comedy series a chance to enjoy the final episode with a community of fans! In the one-hour episode, titled Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls, “Ford discovers Bill’s true motives and then a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family’s ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice." The finale begins at 7 p.m. Monday, February 15th. FREE ADMISSION WITH DRINK PURCHASE!
7pm Monday, Feb. 15
TV CLUB: "Better Call Saul" Season 2 @GKSO
Last year, Breaking Bad fans discovered that Better Call Saul was a prequel/spin-off series that was far better than it had any right to be. With inspired story twists and great performances by BB alumni Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, the show proved to be a worthy companion to one of the greatest small screen epics of all time. And after audiences saw the emotional fall of Jimmy McGill, the only question that remains is when will the other shoe drop leading to the rise of Saul Goodman? Geeksboro will play an ALL NEW season of Better Call Saul at 10 p.m. on Mondays! FREE ADMISSION WITH DRINK PURCHASE!
Mondays at 10pm, starting Feb. 15
With unique visions from a nightmarish dreamscape all his own, American filmmaker David Lynch has left audiences gasping all over the world. Born in 1946, Lynch celebrates his 70th birthday on January 20th. The party will continue throughout February and March when Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema presents Esoterotica: The Films of David Lynch -- a career-spanning retrospective that will include five of the director’s most provocative feature-length films. Geeksboro will present a lineup that includes “Eraserhead” on February 20th, “Blue Velvet” February 27th, “Wild at Heart” March 5th, “Lost Highway” March 12th and “Muholland Drive” on March 19. Showtimes will start at 10 p.m., and each film will be presented with a short film or music video directed by Lynch prior to each screening. $6 admission charge includes a free beverage, and advanced tickets can be purchased at or at Geeksboro’s cafe, located at 2134 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro, NC.
Saturdays at 10pm, Feb. 20 till Mar. 20
Marvel Daredevil Season 2 DARE-A-THON @GKSO!
Get ready to spend the night beating the snot out of bad guys with your bare hands!!!! Marvel/Netflix will present an ALL-NEW season of their hit TV series DAREDEVIL on Friday, March 18, and Geeksboro is inviting the most hardcore, sincere, and die-hard of DAREDEVIL FANS to participate in a special, 13+ hour DARE-A-THON!!!! The Dare-A-Thon starts at 8 p.m. Friday, March 18. Admission is $21, and includes a special Daredevil-themed Geeksboro T-shirt -- AND -- for those who survive the 13-hour ordeal, a hot breakfast served prior to the second to last episode! Plus Geeksboro will be stocking people's favorite espresso beverages, sodas, and energy drinks to help keep them up all night long! We've also got BONUS Daredevil door prizes that we will be giving away throughout the night. Are you as hardcore as the Daredevil!?!? Attempt to survive the Dare-A-Thon and Find out!
8pm Friday, Mar. 18 till 11am Saturday, Mar. 19
TV CLUB: Agent Carter Season 2 @GKSO
Hayley Atwell returns as Agent Carter for a second season of the vintage Spy/Espionage series set in the Marvel Universe! With the conclusion of World War 2, Agent Carter heads to LA for Atomic Age adventures against the forces of evil! Geeksboro's TV CLUB will present SEASON TWO of Agent Carter at 8 p.m. TUESDAYS, beginning with the special TWO HOUR premiere at 8 p.m. on January 19th. FREE ADMISSION WITH DRINK PURCHASE!
Tuesdays at 8pm
Sit 'n Stitch
Knitting, crochet, sewing – whatever you do, come craft every Monday night at Geeksboro! Free admission with drink purchase!
Mondays at 6pm
Magic Monday
Every Monday night it’s Magic… the Gathering! Come bring your decks and face new foes!
Mondays at 6pm
Drink and Draw
Discounted PBR and art supplies galore! It’s the time for local artists to gather and draw pictures based on the theme of the week – while drinking! Free admission with drink purchase – includes coffee, soda, etc.
Wednesdays at 7pm
Totally Rad Trivia
Each Week has a unique batch of categories and challenges – all presented by BEST TRIVIA HOST EVER Buy in is $3 cash, and the winning team gets a CASH PRIZE
Thursdays at 8:30pm
Board Game Night
Get your game on with the Triad’s biggest, weekly board game meet-up, with more than 100 games! Free admission with drink purchase.
Fridays at 7pm
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